New Intex flagship device: Aqua View

aqua-view-smartphoneThe possibility of acquiring a flagship device at a rather economic rate was highly improbable if not impossible, but with the introduction of Aqua View by Intex in the smartphone market has made it possible. Not only does the device host some of the best specifications in its line, but can also be considered as a promising contender in the market of Nepal.

The prime focus of the device is its display with an HD panel which produces quality HD visuals and great color representation. This enables the users to have great experience in gaming, video and also while reading text in small format. The touch screen is also very responsive and smooth making the user interface easy to indulge in and makes the entire process fun. The images on the device appear very crisp with minimum pixilation while zooming in. The device also has wide angle viewing which allows the users to view the image from the side without causing any deformities and deviation. The sleek and stylish design of the phone is not only beautiful but also ergonomically stable making the handling and maneuvering of the handset very simple rather than complicated.

Second on the list of features of the device comes the camera, which also hosts alluring specification as the front facing camera is 5 MP selfie taker and the rear shooting camera is 8 MP sensor which click pictures and videos of HD quality. This device is a great selfie taker especially in tricky situation such as low light and direct light because of the integration of single LED flash at the front which helps in image clarity through the light emission. The rear camera on the other hand is equipped with dual flash which enables the users to obtain best pictures even during low light situation.

New mobile phone similar to its price range does not even come close to the all-new Aqua View with respect to the specification of the device. The device has a battery capacity of 2200 mAh which proves quite efficient in Nepal where constant load shedding is persistent. The battery power management also makes the device very practical to the users to acquire the operation of the device for long period of utilization. The software of the device is up to date with the availability of updates in the future making the device able to run every new applications and games in the market supporting the newest software versions of android.

When it comes to the storage, the internal storage is a 16 GB memory which is sufficient to contain system applications and downloaded applications. For media storage, the device supports an extension in the external memory of up to 32 GB which seems quite reasonable. The interface is smooth and fluent with no lags and also processes multitasking very easily. The device has no lacking aspect and excels in every functionality and operation which makes it one of the most attractive piece of techs in the current market. This smartphone has a price of 16,599 in Nepal, which is much less that what you could have bargained for.

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Intex in the world of smartphones

The world is getting smaller along with the development in technology, communication technology development to be more specific. The development in this field is so viral that very least of the people, to the places where basic instances of development have reached, are unaware about the technologies that are being used to communicate with each other around the globe.

 Among these technologies, the most efficient and easily available technology, after the invention of mobile phone, is – smartphone. Gone are the days of the phones that had physical keypads that gave the users a hard time when it came to typing. Phones nowadays are smarter, quicker with touch pads and virtual keypads that are accurate and fun. And the small screen featured in those phones are a far cry from the large and vivid display introduced in the smartphones today that give users a far superior picture quality and mobile user experience. These smartphones also come equipped with a more user friendly operating systems and upgraded user interface that rewards the users with an enriched usability and multitasking abilities thereby empowering and enabling the users to do more at far less time.

 The pressing challenge encountered by the latest mobile phones with the latest android features is to offer the best of features and attributes available at the most competitive prices possible.

 Amidst such competition, the mobile brand – Intex, incepted in the year 1996, has been able to set its distinct mark in the growing market of phones. Catering to the requirements of users from all walks of life, its expanding collection of smartphones include budget smartphone models such as Aqua R3 and Aqua V5 and high-end phones such as Aqua Xtreme II and Aqua Power +. The brand also manufactures the classic feature phones, touch phones along with these smartphones. With these many variety of phones manufactured, the brand has expanded its reach out of its country of origin, India, to most of the countries around the world including Nepal.

As far as the Nepalese market is concerned, due to the persistent faith in Indian products, whenever a customer tries to find a phone with latest features with reasonable mobile price in Nepal, the brand Intex makes it to the top 10 list. The easy availability of the phone products in the market in Nepal is also among the reasons for the brand’s popularity. With more than 30+ different phones to choose from, it is one of the fastest growing mobile phone companies. The Intex website also offers a comparison feature that allows their customers to compare phones and choose the best mobile phone for themselves.

 Along with the mobile phones, the company also manufactures smart wearable wrist band under the name – ‘FitRist’, a smartband that connects to a smartphone and provides the user with easy access to the various features related to health to smartphone features and also supports both Android and iOS. The brand also manufactures a range of LED TVs with two types to choose from: LED TV HD and full HD.

Delighting your television time: Intex LED TVs

Having already established a firm ground in the market of handsets, the innovative electronics company is now gradually making a successful presence in the market of televisions, defying all odds and stiff competition from longstanding brands.

Intex has fruitfully done so by offering high spec television sets at quite affordable prices. Currently, the company has introduced only five sets which look very promising and has been acknowledged by the customers as a positive addition in the market of televisions. The products which the company has to offer can be divided into two basic categories based on the screen resolution of the set’s display which come in HD and full HD. Needless to say, the company offers only LED TV which is the most prominent sets in its respective market which not only offers great picture quality, but is also popular for its low power consumption in comparison to the conventional sets.

The large screen size which they offer provide an immersive feeling and increased quality in experience while viewing the big screen. The EYE SAFE T matrix is uniquely equipped to eliminate lag which provides faster response time of 5 millisecond. The power consumption on an average is below 36 W which is considerably low in comparison with other sets. The quality of the products is also of high standard given that the hardware being used is of excellent quality. The LED TV has a high viewing angle which is essential in group viewing in a living room. The feature allows the individuals to see pictures and videos unaltered and without disruption. Be it a family movie time or catching the live telecast of favorite matches with friends, the television can be of great usability. Watching a television with low viewing angles can be a pain, especially to the viewer seated in the extreme angle. Distorted and misrepresented colors of images and videos while viewing makes viewing experience in a group difficult and inapplicable.

The color representation in the sets from the company is very accurate with options to change the settings of the picture definition as per the user’s likings. The LED TV offering full HD helps create detailed and sharper image which simulates real life picture quality and image representation. Despite being a slight downscale product, the LED TV offering HD is not far from better as the picture quality is sharp and decent which helps simulate similar representation of picture and images but not as sharp and detailed as the full HD.

The audio output is also pleasant enough but could need external support in case of large rooms. However, the audio setup within the sets is audible and of superb quality offering ear friendly scale of decibels. The speakers in the set is located at the bottom which ergonomically is apt and does not take up much space in the room. Like the normal sets, they have the provision to be mounted on the walls or can even be placed upon a stand. The televisions which the company offers are beautiful and promising to take on the competitors in the market without breaking a sweat.


LED TV full HD

Using smartphones for educational purposes

Handsets are an integral part in the lives of students as it has become a reliable and easily accessible source for students to view educational videos and articles on the internet. The ease in the interaction and the accessibility of the files and information from the internet on the device has made it the primary choice of the students. Additionally, transferring files and editing them on the go allows students and learners to accomplish a lot.

Any user from around the world can easily take educational notes and transfer them onto other platforms or even online for the world to access the files which would prove beneficial to the students from around the world. Whether it is text, image or pdf documents, new mobiles have the feature of forming such files and distributing them over, on the internet. Moreover, the feature to edit files has greatly contributed in the lives of the students making the process of learning and editing easy and on the go. With support of similar files over a large range of platforms like laptops, notebooks, handsets etc. the files can be distributed over a lot of devices.

Phones are prominently used for online browsing and the internet is an ocean of educational contents. Due to the portability of the handsets, mobile-learning has become very much convenient and flexible because of the light weight and ergonomic feature. Handsets are much economic in comparison to other devices such as laptops, which make them even more suitable for students. Although, some flagships are expensive, the fact that there are several economic ranges of devices which can be used for educational purpose. The interactive and engaging nature of the gadget also separates it from the rest of the devices as learning becomes delightful and interesting.

There are many applications on the online market which are educational in nature and can prove beneficial to the students from all around the world. E- Learning has substituted many aspects of conventional learning through the integration of technological advancements and information technology. Communication media and online sites have also established forums which are a haven for those seeking productive discussion and knowledge sharing. The fact that mobile phones can be used for educational purposes and during dead time proves quite helpful to students and anyone with a desire to learn.

However, there are many elements which points to the fact that handsets are secondary source for retrieving educational information. The device in comparison with laptops are small which although complements in portability the fact that remains is that the display is too small for viewing which could prove problematic during the learning process, especially if the device is utilized as primary source of information in educational purpose. The input in the device is also inconvenient as it is small and although it can be adjusted with the addition of external input device, the result would simply be inconvenient. Let us hope that the latest mobile phone makers address the issues making them more suitable for the learning process.

Some tips to pass time on your smartphone

Your daily driver can be a great getaway from an idle and boring situation. Many people may find themselves in a situation where they are doing nothing but sitting idle, whether it be waiting in a queue, at home on holidays or even while travelling. There is always a need for some sort of distraction or anything to keep us occupied.

Smart phones can be the savior in such a situation as there are many attributes in them which could prove highly beneficial in keeping oneself occupied. The first thing that will truly help pass your time would be games. Latest phones have dedicated graphics integrations and hardcore specs to back that up which as a result allows the viewers to experience console level graphics and lag free game time. Having said this, it is the low sized, mediocre games which are addictive and does not drain the device’s battery too quickly than the graphic intense games. Either way, the users have a get away with millions of games on the online market.

Browsing the internet is yet another and probably the most popular way to pass time. Whether it is the social media sites and apps or online newsfeeds, the internet is the best place to find something new and interesting. As we know, news feed are some of the best ways to keep us updated with the latest and popular events which are happening all around the world. Similarly, social application allows news feed of its own where the users get the opportunity to know the whereabouts and happenings of their close ones.

Multimedia is one of the most entertaining means of pass time in comparison to others and with the introduction of internet the content has grown and developed qualitatively and also quantitatively. New mobile phones have high quality display with high resolution panel which help create a more immersive experience while viewing videos on the handsets. Similarly, the audio output have also seen advancements with noise cancellation system, equalizers and variations created in the sound quality through software tweaking in the devices which has upgraded the music output as a whole.

Alternatively, among many other activities which can be performed on the smart phone is shopping online, which is one of the many instances of advancement in the technology and e-commerce which enables the users to browse through items online, purchase and make payments online through their bank credentials. Many users online indulge in online shopping due to the convenience and the availability of many options onto a single platform. Not only has online shopping been increasingly simple and convenient, but has also redefined modern.

Similarly, photography can be the most productive and exciting way of passing time. The cameras on the latest flagships and mid-range mobile have excellent image representation and picture quality. Many features within the device enable the users to capture different modes of pictures and later edit them to obtain the desired image without depleting the image quality, only adding to the list of fun things that your phone allows you to do.

Some deficiencies in the current day mobile phone

The handsets today although have had a lot of advancements in them in contrast to the pastwith respect to the overall requirement of the modern day users, there are still some aspects in the line of flagships which have not been able to live up to the expectation of the smartphone users.

The first feature on the list is the camera performance, which although has seen an immense leap from previously low grade camera optic to specialized lens and camera module, there are some problems which still persist in the current camera in the devices. Problems like- focus shift, color representation and low light performance have yet to be perked up in the flagship devices of today’s generation. When it comes to camera in the new smartphones, the struggle to achieve perfection is evident as it is difficult to achieve decent performance in all the aspects of photography. Attributing lot of features in the camera makes the camera module bigger which conflicts with the ergonomic design of the handset, the trending shape and size of the device. The lack of integration of lens also hinders in the process of capturing images at distance without losing details and resolution of the image.

Battery in the latest smartphones has been rather disappointing as the devices have been powerful and drains battery quicker than ever. The failure to provide sufficient backup to the device has been troubling the users as the powerful processors and the high resolution display panels drain the battery quickly. Larger battery results in the increase in the size of the device hindering the idea of sleek look. Also, gaming and operation time also gets reduced with insufficient battery. Moreover, irreplaceable battery provisioned in almost all the phones can become a problem should there be any defect in the battery or if and when the user would like to have an extra battery that can be pre charged and replaced once the initial one dies out. A bump up in the battery capacity is needed and also I/O should also be light which enable the user to operate the device for longer period of time with software configuration and integration for battery saver.

Storage and data transfer is another issue which has served a lot of inconvenience to the users. Although, the storage unit has been expanded to 128 GB and higher, it is limited to a few models while the rest continue to suffer with limited storage. The smartphones have been the media hub as the pictures, music and the videos are stored in the device along with the applications and the system software taking up more space upon every update. Cloud storagehas managed to become a solution, albeit to some extent.File transfer and mirroring the display is not always problem free,especially when done wirelessly. Almost all new devicesare equipped withWi-Fi direct and NFC which although comes in handy does not support various devices. Hence a standardized medium of transfer is needed for efficient and easy data transfer from one device to another.

Clicking the best pictures from your smartphone

Many users believe that the key to better picture is having the best camera phone. Is that really the case? Even so, the matter of having the best camera optics in a device is completely subjective. However, there are some techniques with which the users can ensure the pictures they take are satisfactory if not impressive. A heads up though, these techniques are useless in the case of bad camera optics and software processing and is completely relevant only to flagship devices and some of the midrange phones competing with their predecessors.

The first trick in the book is removing the auto mode of the devices camera interface. In many cases, the auto mode could prove effective in the capturing of pictures which the users might be fond of, but actually the camera determines all the aspects like ISO sensitivity (light sensitivity) & white balance which means that it could either be hit or miss. Turning off auto mode allows the users to click image with the provision of tuning all the settings in the interface like ISO, white balance, brightness and HDR (High Dynamic Range) i.e. the difference between the lightest light and the darkest dark you can capture in a photo

The users can change the individual settings themselves and click the picture when they feel that the tuned setting matches the desired results.

Many of the users might not know the essence of gridlines in their smartphones which has probably been the case why many users have not been setting their camera in the format. The division of the interface with gridlines (three division horizontally & vertically) is useful as the popular belief and a fact is that the alignment of the object targeted in the intersection of these gridline help develop a balanced pictures and makes the interaction with the image free.

Zooming in on the camera and capturing the image is not the proper way in obtaining the best pictures. Zooming in, decreases the details in the image which would mean compromising on the quality of the pictures. So, it would be appropriate to click pictures from less distance to the object or even edit the pictures later which would still maintain the quality of the image with enough details captured. Zooming in should be avoided as far as possible. Macro feature in smartphone cameras has been helping in creating pictures with selective focus which is considered as one of the best way to capture stunning images. Macro allows the users to focus on a definite object which is overlying certain massive background. This helps in creating contrast between the object and the background and also allows in capturing of details of the object in front of the camera.

Latest phones have introduced many new and advanced features which can be utilized by the users in their desire for capturing innovative and unconventional images. Many features like panorama helps capture panoramic view around the user, HDR tone helps in capturing decent pictures during low light or darkness, intense scenes. Filters allows the images taken to be processed which helps in creating tint, effects and virtual textures in the image and so on. In this way, users can completely utilize the camera on their device and tune in and adjust to obtain the best image.