Choosing smartphones in Nepal

Smart phones are used worldwide and the market doesn’t seem to stop expanding. New manufacturers are getting in the competition day by day. Advanced devices get introduced every few months. In such an innovative and constantly updated market, how is it possible to buy a phone, without any regrets? Some may have the best camera in smartphone segment while others may have excellent display and the remaining some other alluring features. Some sets can be considered the cheapest in the market while there are some which exceed the 1000$ mark. It depends on what your priorities are and how you utilize your device on a day to day basis.

Most Nepali users limit the use of their phones to call and text only. Budget smartphones may be appropriate for such users while the other users also comprising the youth are more concerned about their social status and the social life. The use of social media applications is prominent among the youth. For those people smartphone that is responsive and web friendly is required. Features like economic data usage and dual sim in smartphone allows the users to separate their personal and professional life. Media frenzy users want the best out of their phone. People who watch movies and videos on their cell phones require superior performance devices that offer better picture quality.

There’s a division set between the smartphone owners: IOS users and android users. While android phones in Nepal are the most bought phones than IOS, there are other phones using windows software in the market. While IOS software provides consistency and simplicity, android smartphones are customizable, optimized and periodically updated.

Brand loyalty is another factor that plays its role when you compare phones. Past experience with the brand determines whether or not a user would switch to a different brand. Availability of different brands in the market can be tempting to even the most loyal of users to change their brand. Another very influential factor that affects your smartphone selection is your budget. Don’t get me wrong. Some budget phone brands are giving flagship smartphones a run for their money but even so performance cannot be expected as of the expensive and reputed brands.

smartphones in Nepal


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