Something about LED’s

Almost all the LED TV’s in the market are basically LCD’s with light emitting diodes backlit. So it’s not that big of a deal when people talk about these and presenting them in such manner could also be referred to as an “almost false advertising”. But no need to be so disappointed because what L.E.D has to offer is more than what most of us bargained for. While in plasma and OLED T.V each pixel has its own discrete light source, the L.E.D T.V uses a backlit Light Emitting Diode to illuminate each pixel. This means that the power consumption of L.E.D T.V is lower that plasma and other forms of television.

Another fascinating feature of this T.V is the width of the device. While the T.V’s were slim before, the L.E.D’s are thinner and unrealistically slim. Thin T.V.’s are attractive and seem futuristic but there are drawbacks. The L.E.D placements on most of the L.E.D T.V’s are on the edges and these edge-lit T.V’s don’t have uniform illumination. So the corners of this T.V are much illuminated than the centre portion. This results as the ‘whites’ appear hotter and brighter at the corners than at the centre and the ‘blacks’ appear grey at the corners and darker at the centre of the TV.

While such problem prevails, a led TV with full HD resolution is truly delightful when it comes to the display output. There are led TV with HD resolution in the market that have gorgeous display but the display on the HD set is not up to the mark as the full HD set. The L.E.D T.V’s in the market have higher price tag. You would find the best non L.E.Ds at lower price tag than normal L.E.Ds. Some manufacturers have invested in curved L.E.D screen which has been proving very popular in the market. Plain T.V.’s having already established a strong hold on the market is slowly losing its grip on the market as curved T.V. is proving to be the new trend in the market. Curved L.E.D.’s are considered to be more immersive with its curved edges because it tends to enclose the focus and provide a surrounding effect. But there is a huge drawback in the curved L.E.D T.Vs in the market as the viewing angles affect the display. While viewing curved T.V.’s from the front is quite pleasing and at its best but viewing them from a narrower angle is a whole different story. The immersing effect is completely disrupted and the surrounding effect gets transformed into a bit of an awkward picturisation than what was initially expected. So may be the manufacturers should state a disclaimer regarding the viewing angles and the owners of curved L.E.D should be aware of the demerits of watching games with the guys. You wouldn’t want to sit tightly against one another just for the sake of pleasant T.V viewing. If you are into collecting new and innovative technologies then, curved L.E.D would be one of your proudest possessions but if the T.V is used for simple but quality consumption then, a 32 inch led TV should suffice.

led TV full HD


One thought on “Something about LED’s

  1. It’s amazing how the cost has dropped over the years. Years back, my Toshiba 50″ rear projection screen cost over $4000 (Canadian). A comparable LED now costs about $900, with superb quality. Great post!


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