Month: April 2016

An overall attribute of display in smart phones

When you take what a mobile phone from a decade ago and compare, the transformations witnessed is from a small device with keypad and small display into a larger device with nothing but the display screen. Henceforth this transformation, the display factor is now one of the prime aspects of a phone. Conventional devices were primarily used for calling and messaging but this functionality has now shifted from primary to secondary as the devices today are extensively used for multimedia.

Latest android phones are battling to get ahead in the race for creating the best user friendly displays, which offer more vivid colors and all-embracing details while viewing any content. The display size is one of the most important issues to deal with, as the size of the screen greatly influences the viewing experience. For an example, text appears larger in large screen and gaming on larger devices is more appealing than on smaller screens.

Resolution of a display is the number of distinct pixels which can be displayed on the smartphone. Latest smartphones are competing in the race to acquire the device with the highest resolution, but is that really necessary? Although having a high resolution results in less pixilation and great viewing experience, smaller displays with high resolution is unnecessary. Escalating the resolution count higher and higher results in the saturation i.e. it gets impossible to differentiate a high resolution with a lower one.

Some of the best mobile devices are said to have 4K display, which although is a huge accomplishment, also rather unnecessary. 4K or 3840 pixels × 2160 lines is an ultra-high resolution which was targeted to consumer television but now being introduced to the market of cell phone. Having a 4K display in a device around 5 inch of diagonal is meaningless as the users might not even tell the difference between the 4K display and a full HD display. Nevertheless, 4K display devices are prone to low battery life due to illumination of the extra pixels.

Display on a hardware level is influential to the representation of content. Displays like AMOLED, OLED, IPS, Retina display, LCD etc. are some of the most popular display panels brought in use by many smart phone manufacturers. IPS LCD display is found in many high end devices which offers great viewing angle (content is visible from far wide angles) and consumes less power. OLED displays on the other hand have great color representation, fast response time, even wider viewing angles and are extremely bright making them visible directly in sunlight. Similar to OLED but AMOLED can control each pixels individually but come with a hefty price tag. Finally, retina display has great pixel density and high contrast ratio which means the whites are brighter and the blacks are deeper.

Major time in the utility of the device we interact with the display and more advancement can be foreseen in the future as the urge to satisfy the users still remain in the manufacturers. Let us hope that the display technology still persists in the advancement towards users’ comfort and entertainment.


Intex Aqua Star ii: a bang for your buck


On a spec sheet, aqua star 2 is a mid-range phone, whereas considering the price tag, it is a pretty good deal. Aqua star 2 is a valued addition to the aqua line of phones in Nepal from Intex, which has been challenging the market through all sorts of innovations and features. When the market points to increasing mobile phone price in Nepal, this company seems to have gone the other way around, producing quality phone at cheapest of prices.

Starting off with the display, aqua star 2 hosts a 5 inch display which comes in a variant of 480p resolution and HD variant with 720p resolution. However, the color representation of each display is accurate with the use of IPS display panel with 16.7M display colors. This ensures that the media viewing and web searching is pleasant to the users with minimum of pixilation.

More importantly, the device is powerful among other competitors as it runs on Octa-core Processor clocked in at 1.2 GHz which means that it offers a decent performance. The device is also equipped with a 2 GB RAM which helps in multitasking operations, fluently.

Intex mobiles is also receptive of the trend of selfies that has been widely popular lately. A front facing 5 mega pixel camera allows the user to take extra ordinary selfies. The rear camera is also decent which is an 8 mega pixel shooter with decent details captured with accurate color representation. The device can aslo shoot slow motion videos.

Aqua star 2 is equipped with 16 GB of ROM, with 13 GB available for use. The memory can be expanded up to 32 GB. This is more than enough to make your device a media hub with the storage of incredible amount of videos, photos and mp3s.

But does this really make it the best budget smartphone? There are many seemingly unimportant features which can actually come in quite handy in daily use. Features like dual tone flash light illuminates the dark surrounding, of which photos are intended to capture and at the same time it acts as a powerful flashlight during emergencies and blackouts. The device hosts dual sim slot, supporting 3g primarily and 2g secondarily. The phone works on kitkat version of Android.

Besides these features, the phone also has essential sensors like Proximity sensor, G and light assistant sensor. There are various feature and modes in the camera like panorama, HDR, slow motion video recording, pictures and sounds, automatic scene, GPS info and many more. The battery that powers the device is a 2000 mAh Lithium polymer one which gives 250 hours Standby battery time and about 6 hours of talk time.

At only NPR 14499/- Intex has brilliantly crafted a device which stands out among its competitors. All in all, the handset surely is a bang for your buck. The immensely feature packed device is hands down the best in its group of competitors at similar price tag. Often, compromise in quality is associated with such economic device but definitely not in this case, as Intex has truly been able to have essential cutoffs without declination in the quality to maintain the feasible price tag.

Intex aqua power: your ultimate phone to beat frequent power outage

Intex aqua power, a handset which offers one of the most capacitated, in-built battery which is a must have smartphone in context to regular power cuts is an elegant and smart choice. Smart phone as a daily driver is not just limited to a phone. It is now primarily used for multimedia consumption, social media platform and communication, internet browsing and others besides the usual network oriented calls and messaging. Intex aqua power is powered by a massive 4000 mAh battery, light in weight, which provides unbeaten standby time. The set delivers a solid standby time once the device is completely charged, which takes only 3 hours. It has an extensive battery life lasting for 2 days even with heavy multitasking. An additional feature in this model is that the phone can be used as a power bank.

However, the device is not just about the power packed battery. The display is a 5-inch panel of IPS screen with outstanding outdoor visibility and great color representation at 480p. The screen is complemented well by the powerful battery which enables the user to watch videos for a longer time. The phone also promises to provide a talk time of 11 hours and a standby time of 500 hours, which is quite impressive.

The device is so packed with lucrative features that may have the users wondering about the price tag. Despite competing on a mid-range mobile phones category, the price of this device is only NPR 15699 which makes it a good choice among some of the lowest price mobiles in Nepal, given the features the device hosts. Although being one of the most budget friendly device for its category, the handset does not fall back in any aspect of a mid-range smartphone. The handset is equipped with an 8 megapixel primary shooter which has decent performance in daylight condition which is good enough given the fact that the handset competes in a mid-range smartphone category. It also bears an 8 GB of built in storage which is sufficient enough for a normal storage capacity. The provision for a micro SD card can expand the storage up to 32 GB which makes up for the possible insufficiency.

The performance is decent with normal operations like running medium level apps, calls, normal gaming and multimedia viewing which never seem to create a problem to the device. Also the device seems to provide enough backup with the active sensors and connectivity which includes: 3G (HSPA), Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, Micro-USB 2.0, GPS/ A-GPS, and a 3.5mm audio jack. It is the best value phone that you can get.

The mobile also hosts a quad core processor at 1.4 GHz which is backed up by 1 GB of RAM which again makes for a decent performance. The device is android based and runs android operating software of version Android 4.4.2 making it simple and easy to use. The mobile has decent specs and a decent performance but compared to the price it most certainly packs a bigger punch. It can truly be dubbed the phone of the working class.

Intex aqua power