How corporate is your smartphone?

When generally talking about handsets, the corporate function and assistance is probably the last thing that come to mind and why wouldn’t it as most of the utility by the general users and also business person of them is social media, web browsing, photo shoot, multimedia and so on. But manufacturers have taken the time to install both hardware and software integrations to their products in the line of handsets to meet or assist the corporate functions. How? You say.

Simple but effective, the devices we use have accounts which are used for mail and can be synced altogether in one platform. The level of convenience this brings to the table is simply amazing as there is no need for having to wait to reach the office and check the mails on the desktop or laptop.

Latest smartphones have the software integration to create a PDF file through the picture taken through the camera which can be easily transmitted to others through mail or any other communication medium like fax. The images of the documents are converted into PDF files through software processing and made ready to communicate through any medium. And don’t worry if your device does not have the function in built as there is an easy way to acquire this through the download of an app through the online store, turning your phone into a document scanner in a jiffy.

E-commerce has made a lot of enhancements in the corporate sector and mobile technology plays a significant role in it. The ability to make transfer of payments has been upgraded to the level of convenience without compromising the level of security and authenticity. A smartphone which you hold gives you the power to make payments and do more with just a tap.

Social media like Facebook, Skype, Viber, etc. have also been very influential in the current corporate culture and been an integral part of the corporate communication as well. Conducting long distance conference through Skype is one of the most popular techniques which has been corporate friendly also building personal relations with the customers and the stake holders via the social media has been proven effective in the corporate world.

Even if you do not own one of the top smartphones, the features which you can attain is countless as provision of apps which support the performance in the corporate world is abundant. Applications which help in accounting, balancing accounts, managing schedules, reminders of various events, reviewing the performance of business, advertising via internet, etc. are found in the online store which can be easily downloaded and ready to use in the business.

The editing and creating of various text and presentation file is now possible through all mobile phones of this generation. This has made taking notes, editing the files on the go, preparing a presentation without a laptop or desktop and preparing an excel sheet possible. So, keep in mind that the use of your device is not limited to communication and entertainment purpose only. It has the potential to become your ultimate portable corporate gadget.


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