Tips and tricks for effective smartphone power saving

Have you been facing the problem of the juice in your device running out more than often? We have all been there. Having a multi-purpose and high-end device would be a complete waste with the users having to recharge it much sooner than expected. Although some manufacturers have addressed the issue and increased their battery power like in the case of Intex aqua power, which has a whopping 4000 mAh battery, many manufacturers have still to address this issue even for flagship devices. Many devices have removable back which enables the users to swap the battery and substitute their discharged battery with a charged one while the other battery could be separately charged.

Pre-mature battery drain has a lot of factors associated with it some of the most prominent are apps that drain quite a lot of charge, screen brightness, general setting arrangements and software update status. There are apps that are considered as battery killers which remain active during the standby period and drain your battery at a faster rate than usual. Avoid installing such apps and make sure such apps are inactive during standby period if you have already installed it. Many reviewers and experts have claimed that switching the screen brightness to auto mode tends to decrease the battery charge significantly. Hence, it is advised to manually change the screen brightness during operation of mobile phones and avoid using auto screen brightness as a default.

There are certain settings which can prove highly influential and decisive as to the power consumption of the device. Wi-Fi, geo-location and bluetooth are the major culprits in unusually high battery draining although these components are vital for operation in any device. Due to their essence in normal operation of a phone, the users are advised to turn off such settings during passive period like during bed-time, meetings, school/college hours, etc in order to help reduce the amount of battery drainage as much as possible. Vibrations and feedback also drain a lot of battery juice which can be toggled off for better battery performance. Shorter screen timeout also helps in better battery performance as well as the use of black wallpapers. As most of the screens support AMOLED and super AMOLED which only light the colored pixels. Hence, black wallpaper would mean leaving the pixels unlit which could prove significant in battery life as the screen would not be using up any juice from the battery. Also the widgets on the background are found to be draining the battery so it would be a help to extend battery life with the avoidance of excessive use of widgets in the background. Most of the latest mobile phones also have inbuilt settings dedicated for the purpose of extending the battery life by limiting the scope of functionality and operations, which can be utilized.

One of the most important factors in extending the battery life is the periodic updating of the apps and the software. Latest apps and software developers are focused on the issue of excess battery drainage of mobiles for which updates to the apps are created for optimum battery consumption. Hence, if any of the users are putting off their updates for later, it is advised to periodically and timely update them for better battery life.


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