What are the basic criteria while comparing smartphones?

With the market of cellular phones increasing rapidly and new model being introduced throughout every year, the user may have a tough choice to make in the selection of the smartphones. Although there is no ideal handset, there are certain aspects which are subjective and may differ with individuals.

The primary objective is to identify the price range and the budget of the phone. This helps determine and creates a focused group of smartphone. Budget phones, mid-range phones and flagship phones are the market fragmentation done on the basis of price ranges. Mostly but not necessarily, the features and performance of the devices have an inclination with the inclination in the price.

Another aspect to compare mobile phones is the display as most of the time of the utility of the device is done by the interaction with the display. Devices having a high resolution provide better representation of optical media but color representation also play an impactful role on the decision of what the users, desire. 720p or HD has become a standard in the resolution of mobiles but color representation and the sharpness in the images should also be examined.

Another important factor to be considered while the users compare phones is the camera. Camera on handsets has easily displaced the conventional camera for any normal situation but many manufacturers have specialized in the field just to acquire the tag of best camera phone. The misconception of higher the megapixel higher the quality should be completely forgotten as the camera performance and the picture quality depends upon the sensor and the performance of the software which is being used in the processing of the images and the videos taken from the camera.

Performance of the device should also be recognized through the help of the spec sheet given. The measurement of the performances like speed, multitasking and data management can be done through the processor used, the RAM, ROM and the unit of GHz at which the processor is clocked in at. Octa-core processor is what seems to be the current standardized form and when it comes to defining the level of performance based on RAM, ROM and GHz, the more the merrier.

Battery life has been a long lasted problem primarily due to the frequent power outages which the users in Nepal have to face. Although having a huge capacity battery might prove somewhat effective but the problem might still persist. This is so because of the data management and the UI of the device. Wasteful data management and heavy UI always are the prime source of draining battery.

Other aspects in the process of comparison of smartphones are the sensors found in the device, the looks and the feel of the device, the output of the device and many more. Sensors are vital in a modern day handset because of its contribution to many of the features which have been made available in the devices. Looks and feel of the device also is considered a vital aspect as the handsets are being taken as a symbol of fashion and trend. Besides, it always feels good to have a handset which is easily maneuverable and looks good in hand.


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