Advantages of having a stock android UI

When it comes to the decision making as to which UI is the best among android mobile phones, it is a matter of personal preference. The stock UI of android is one of the most popular and is operational in many devices of leading brands of manufacturers including Intex mobile.

Here are some of the perks of having a stock UI. Firstly, the stock UI is simply beautiful and very much acceptable if not desirable to many users which is characterized by minimal design and stock like appearance. This enables the device to run smoothly as the custom UI takes up additional processing power of the device. Every android device has a stock UI which is either out in the open or been covered up by custom skin.

Having a stock UI means standardized functionality and simplicity in the operation. The stock UI encourages minimalism not only in the design and color aspect of the device but also functionality and at the same time maintaining the ease in access of data and files through the interaction of the device.

The problems most smartphones face is delay in the upgrading of the android software. The first device to receive the latest android updates is the stock UI as the upgrade file which is built by the android works perfectly on the device. This is not the case for other manufactures using custom UI as they require programming their own version of upgrades which is relevant to their skin and UI. Many users have complaints of delay in upgrades or even failure to receive updates in device using custom skin.

The features which the stock UI facilitates and are absent in many other devices using custom UI is the Google swipe which lets you access the Google now with a simple swipe up from the home button. Similarly, the new feature of android, DOZE has transformed the scope of battery life in android devices with depleting of battery life minimized despite having active applications running in the background. This feature was firstly, introduced in the android device with stock UI and only then distributed among other manufacturers implementing custom UI.

Android version gets updated yearly with the release of latest version bringing changes in the looks and functionality of the device. This enables the users to have certain change in the visual as well as the operational aspect of the android phone. Android is the new trend setter in the market of smartphone with new features and functionalities being brought in the improvement of the UI and ease in the operation for its users. In such a case, having a stock android makes the new android phones a priority in receiving changes and upgrades.

Having said this, there are many features in the custom UI of other manufacturers which can be equally as appealing to the users with the presence of features and functionality missing in the stock UI. Once again, the decision to be made is under individual preference and cannot be generalized due to the varying taste and device usage of the users.


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