Clicking the best pictures from your smartphone

Many users believe that the key to better picture is having the best camera phone. Is that really the case? Even so, the matter of having the best camera optics in a device is completely subjective. However, there are some techniques with which the users can ensure the pictures they take are satisfactory if not impressive. A heads up though, these techniques are useless in the case of bad camera optics and software processing and is completely relevant only to flagship devices and some of the midrange phones competing with their predecessors.

The first trick in the book is removing the auto mode of the devices camera interface. In many cases, the auto mode could prove effective in the capturing of pictures which the users might be fond of, but actually the camera determines all the aspects like ISO sensitivity (light sensitivity) & white balance which means that it could either be hit or miss. Turning off auto mode allows the users to click image with the provision of tuning all the settings in the interface like ISO, white balance, brightness and HDR (High Dynamic Range) i.e. the difference between the lightest light and the darkest dark you can capture in a photo

The users can change the individual settings themselves and click the picture when they feel that the tuned setting matches the desired results.

Many of the users might not know the essence of gridlines in their smartphones which has probably been the case why many users have not been setting their camera in the format. The division of the interface with gridlines (three division horizontally & vertically) is useful as the popular belief and a fact is that the alignment of the object targeted in the intersection of these gridline help develop a balanced pictures and makes the interaction with the image free.

Zooming in on the camera and capturing the image is not the proper way in obtaining the best pictures. Zooming in, decreases the details in the image which would mean compromising on the quality of the pictures. So, it would be appropriate to click pictures from less distance to the object or even edit the pictures later which would still maintain the quality of the image with enough details captured. Zooming in should be avoided as far as possible. Macro feature in smartphone cameras has been helping in creating pictures with selective focus which is considered as one of the best way to capture stunning images. Macro allows the users to focus on a definite object which is overlying certain massive background. This helps in creating contrast between the object and the background and also allows in capturing of details of the object in front of the camera.

Latest phones have introduced many new and advanced features which can be utilized by the users in their desire for capturing innovative and unconventional images. Many features like panorama helps capture panoramic view around the user, HDR tone helps in capturing decent pictures during low light or darkness, intense scenes. Filters allows the images taken to be processed which helps in creating tint, effects and virtual textures in the image and so on. In this way, users can completely utilize the camera on their device and tune in and adjust to obtain the best image.


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