Using smartphones for educational purposes

Handsets are an integral part in the lives of students as it has become a reliable and easily accessible source for students to view educational videos and articles on the internet. The ease in the interaction and the accessibility of the files and information from the internet on the device has made it the primary choice of the students. Additionally, transferring files and editing them on the go allows students and learners to accomplish a lot.

Any user from around the world can easily take educational notes and transfer them onto other platforms or even online for the world to access the files which would prove beneficial to the students from around the world. Whether it is text, image or pdf documents, new mobiles have the feature of forming such files and distributing them over, on the internet. Moreover, the feature to edit files has greatly contributed in the lives of the students making the process of learning and editing easy and on the go. With support of similar files over a large range of platforms like laptops, notebooks, handsets etc. the files can be distributed over a lot of devices.

Phones are prominently used for online browsing and the internet is an ocean of educational contents. Due to the portability of the handsets, mobile-learning has become very much convenient and flexible because of the light weight and ergonomic feature. Handsets are much economic in comparison to other devices such as laptops, which make them even more suitable for students. Although, some flagships are expensive, the fact that there are several economic ranges of devices which can be used for educational purpose. The interactive and engaging nature of the gadget also separates it from the rest of the devices as learning becomes delightful and interesting.

There are many applications on the online market which are educational in nature and can prove beneficial to the students from all around the world. E- Learning has substituted many aspects of conventional learning through the integration of technological advancements and information technology. Communication media and online sites have also established forums which are a haven for those seeking productive discussion and knowledge sharing. The fact that mobile phones can be used for educational purposes and during dead time proves quite helpful to students and anyone with a desire to learn.

However, there are many elements which points to the fact that handsets are secondary source for retrieving educational information. The device in comparison with laptops are small which although complements in portability the fact that remains is that the display is too small for viewing which could prove problematic during the learning process, especially if the device is utilized as primary source of information in educational purpose. The input in the device is also inconvenient as it is small and although it can be adjusted with the addition of external input device, the result would simply be inconvenient. Let us hope that the latest mobile phone makers address the issues making them more suitable for the learning process.


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