Month: August 2016

Desire a life without a smartphone?

Do you feel like the use of smartphone has consumed most of your precious time? Do you think that you are procrastinating because you cannot take your eyes off of this popular gadget? Do you tell yourself time and again that you need to get rid of this addiction, but end up staring at the screen all the time? Well, you’re not alone. Smartphone, these days has become as important in people’s life as the air they breathe in and an inseparable part of one’s life. The dependency over mobile phones is getting worse and people are using it all the time, out of need or hopelessly submitting to this new form of addiction. It has garnered serious attention especially for the younger users, who tend to make a less responsible use of the device.

It is true that a smartphone has made our life easier and almost everything can be done with a simple tap on the screen. Whether it is checking or sending an email, calling a friend or relative living abroad, connecting with people over social networking sites or paying bills, everything can be done, unlike the old days when a phone used to be just for calling the people. It is the most crucial device for entertainment for today’s generation and people feel like their life would be crippled without smartphones. The manufacturing companies are launching newer and improved models with the latest operating system every other day making the already yearning people keener to own them and flaunt it around amongst their friends and relatives. The desire to own the latest and the best gadget is pretty common.

There’s a word for people without smartphones these days –non-existent. Thinking about it, just as cigarettes and drugs, a smartphone can become an addiction and deter your ability to socialize with people on a personal level. All you need is a little determination and willingness to change yourself. As the wise ones say, make use of things but don’t let the things use you. We have to implement it in our life and make smart and discretionary use of this technology. We can start off by limiting the time that we waste on the smartphone. Surely it will be hard at first but you’ll get used to it. Also, you might want to opt for models that meet the most basic of your requirements rather than the latest smartphones that are packed with features that are at times unessential and barely used. After all, your family, work, friends and your real hobbies also deserve some of your time.

Your body would be thanking you for the change. And your brain would be spared from the dullness. On the contrary, using a smartphone is actually subjective to the user. For someone who uses the device to search for educational materials or to track the amount of calories burnt or the hours of physical activities for the day, the device is a blessing. So, do you think you can challenge yourself to make a controlled and smart use of your cell phone?


New Intex flagship device: Aqua View

aqua-view-smartphoneThe possibility of acquiring a flagship device at a rather economic rate was highly improbable if not impossible, but with the introduction of Aqua View by Intex in the smartphone market has made it possible. Not only does the device host some of the best specifications in its line, but can also be considered as a promising contender in the market of Nepal.

The prime focus of the device is its display with an HD panel which produces quality HD visuals and great color representation. This enables the users to have great experience in gaming, video and also while reading text in small format. The touch screen is also very responsive and smooth making the user interface easy to indulge in and makes the entire process fun. The images on the device appear very crisp with minimum pixilation while zooming in. The device also has wide angle viewing which allows the users to view the image from the side without causing any deformities and deviation. The sleek and stylish design of the phone is not only beautiful but also ergonomically stable making the handling and maneuvering of the handset very simple rather than complicated.

Second on the list of features of the device comes the camera, which also hosts alluring specification as the front facing camera is 5 MP selfie taker and the rear shooting camera is 8 MP sensor which click pictures and videos of HD quality. This device is a great selfie taker especially in tricky situation such as low light and direct light because of the integration of single LED flash at the front which helps in image clarity through the light emission. The rear camera on the other hand is equipped with dual flash which enables the users to obtain best pictures even during low light situation.

New mobile phone similar to its price range does not even come close to the all-new Aqua View with respect to the specification of the device. The device has a battery capacity of 2200 mAh which proves quite efficient in Nepal where constant load shedding is persistent. The battery power management also makes the device very practical to the users to acquire the operation of the device for long period of utilization. The software of the device is up to date with the availability of updates in the future making the device able to run every new applications and games in the market supporting the newest software versions of android.

When it comes to the storage, the internal storage is a 16 GB memory which is sufficient to contain system applications and downloaded applications. For media storage, the device supports an extension in the external memory of up to 32 GB which seems quite reasonable. The interface is smooth and fluent with no lags and also processes multitasking very easily. The device has no lacking aspect and excels in every functionality and operation which makes it one of the most attractive piece of techs in the current market. This smartphone has a price of 16,599 in Nepal, which is much less that what you could have bargained for.

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Intex in the world of smartphones

The world is getting smaller along with the development in technology, communication technology development to be more specific. The development in this field is so viral that very least of the people, to the places where basic instances of development have reached, are unaware about the technologies that are being used to communicate with each other around the globe.

 Among these technologies, the most efficient and easily available technology, after the invention of mobile phone, is – smartphone. Gone are the days of the phones that had physical keypads that gave the users a hard time when it came to typing. Phones nowadays are smarter, quicker with touch pads and virtual keypads that are accurate and fun. And the small screen featured in those phones are a far cry from the large and vivid display introduced in the smartphones today that give users a far superior picture quality and mobile user experience. These smartphones also come equipped with a more user friendly operating systems and upgraded user interface that rewards the users with an enriched usability and multitasking abilities thereby empowering and enabling the users to do more at far less time.

 The pressing challenge encountered by the latest mobile phones with the latest android features is to offer the best of features and attributes available at the most competitive prices possible.

 Amidst such competition, the mobile brand – Intex, incepted in the year 1996, has been able to set its distinct mark in the growing market of phones. Catering to the requirements of users from all walks of life, its expanding collection of smartphones include budget smartphone models such as Aqua R3 and Aqua V5 and high-end phones such as Aqua Xtreme II and Aqua Power +. The brand also manufactures the classic feature phones, touch phones along with these smartphones. With these many variety of phones manufactured, the brand has expanded its reach out of its country of origin, India, to most of the countries around the world including Nepal.

As far as the Nepalese market is concerned, due to the persistent faith in Indian products, whenever a customer tries to find a phone with latest features with reasonable mobile price in Nepal, the brand Intex makes it to the top 10 list. The easy availability of the phone products in the market in Nepal is also among the reasons for the brand’s popularity. With more than 30+ different phones to choose from, it is one of the fastest growing mobile phone companies. The Intex website also offers a comparison feature that allows their customers to compare phones and choose the best mobile phone for themselves.

 Along with the mobile phones, the company also manufactures smart wearable wrist band under the name – ‘FitRist’, a smartband that connects to a smartphone and provides the user with easy access to the various features related to health to smartphone features and also supports both Android and iOS. The brand also manufactures a range of LED TVs with two types to choose from: LED TV HD and full HD.