Intex in the world of smartphones

The world is getting smaller along with the development in technology, communication technology development to be more specific. The development in this field is so viral that very least of the people, to the places where basic instances of development have reached, are unaware about the technologies that are being used to communicate with each other around the globe.

 Among these technologies, the most efficient and easily available technology, after the invention of mobile phone, is – smartphone. Gone are the days of the phones that had physical keypads that gave the users a hard time when it came to typing. Phones nowadays are smarter, quicker with touch pads and virtual keypads that are accurate and fun. And the small screen featured in those phones are a far cry from the large and vivid display introduced in the smartphones today that give users a far superior picture quality and mobile user experience. These smartphones also come equipped with a more user friendly operating systems and upgraded user interface that rewards the users with an enriched usability and multitasking abilities thereby empowering and enabling the users to do more at far less time.

 The pressing challenge encountered by the latest mobile phones with the latest android features is to offer the best of features and attributes available at the most competitive prices possible.

 Amidst such competition, the mobile brand – Intex, incepted in the year 1996, has been able to set its distinct mark in the growing market of phones. Catering to the requirements of users from all walks of life, its expanding collection of smartphones include budget smartphone models such as Aqua R3 and Aqua V5 and high-end phones such as Aqua Xtreme II and Aqua Power +. The brand also manufactures the classic feature phones, touch phones along with these smartphones. With these many variety of phones manufactured, the brand has expanded its reach out of its country of origin, India, to most of the countries around the world including Nepal.

As far as the Nepalese market is concerned, due to the persistent faith in Indian products, whenever a customer tries to find a phone with latest features with reasonable mobile price in Nepal, the brand Intex makes it to the top 10 list. The easy availability of the phone products in the market in Nepal is also among the reasons for the brand’s popularity. With more than 30+ different phones to choose from, it is one of the fastest growing mobile phone companies. The Intex website also offers a comparison feature that allows their customers to compare phones and choose the best mobile phone for themselves.

 Along with the mobile phones, the company also manufactures smart wearable wrist band under the name – ‘FitRist’, a smartband that connects to a smartphone and provides the user with easy access to the various features related to health to smartphone features and also supports both Android and iOS. The brand also manufactures a range of LED TVs with two types to choose from: LED TV HD and full HD.


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