Desire a life without a smartphone?

Do you feel like the use of smartphone has consumed most of your precious time? Do you think that you are procrastinating because you cannot take your eyes off of this popular gadget? Do you tell yourself time and again that you need to get rid of this addiction, but end up staring at the screen all the time? Well, you’re not alone. Smartphone, these days has become as important in people’s life as the air they breathe in and an inseparable part of one’s life. The dependency over mobile phones is getting worse and people are using it all the time, out of need or hopelessly submitting to this new form of addiction. It has garnered serious attention especially for the younger users, who tend to make a less responsible use of the device.

It is true that a smartphone has made our life easier and almost everything can be done with a simple tap on the screen. Whether it is checking or sending an email, calling a friend or relative living abroad, connecting with people over social networking sites or paying bills, everything can be done, unlike the old days when a phone used to be just for calling the people. It is the most crucial device for entertainment for today’s generation and people feel like their life would be crippled without smartphones. The manufacturing companies are launching newer and improved models with the latest operating system every other day making the already yearning people keener to own them and flaunt it around amongst their friends and relatives. The desire to own the latest and the best gadget is pretty common.

There’s a word for people without smartphones these days –non-existent. Thinking about it, just as cigarettes and drugs, a smartphone can become an addiction and deter your ability to socialize with people on a personal level. All you need is a little determination and willingness to change yourself. As the wise ones say, make use of things but don’t let the things use you. We have to implement it in our life and make smart and discretionary use of this technology. We can start off by limiting the time that we waste on the smartphone. Surely it will be hard at first but you’ll get used to it. Also, you might want to opt for models that meet the most basic of your requirements rather than the latest smartphones that are packed with features that are at times unessential and barely used. After all, your family, work, friends and your real hobbies also deserve some of your time.

Your body would be thanking you for the change. And your brain would be spared from the dullness. On the contrary, using a smartphone is actually subjective to the user. For someone who uses the device to search for educational materials or to track the amount of calories burnt or the hours of physical activities for the day, the device is a blessing. So, do you think you can challenge yourself to make a controlled and smart use of your cell phone?


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