Which smartphone should you buy?

With more additions to the latest smartphones in 2016, deciding which one to buy has become a tough job, especially for the fanatics. Hence, you should opt for the one that you find the most compatible for your daily activities and as per your lifestyle and budget. Different models contain different features and are available in different prices accordingly. Better the feature, more expensive the device is. There are a few things that need to be considered while purchasing the right one for yourself. The basis to compare these phones can be their battery life, memory (phone and external SD capabilities), compatibility with software applications (e.g. Open Data Kit or Sapelli), cost, durability and robustness (e.g. gorilla glass, water and dust resistance) and screen size. It can also be compared to match brightness and sensitivity, user interface (e.g. how easy to select numbers/text accurately), device size, Global Positioning System (GPS) and other functionality (e.g. camera quality, voice and video recording).

If you are a heavy user, pretty much reliant on your phone for entertainment and work, besides communication, you may need to contemplate over the Milliamp Hours (mAh) of the battery. Higher the mAh, longer the backup as the use of GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi drains the power faster. If you are a heavy gamer or multitasker, the one with higher RAM and bigger internal storage and also massively expandable memory that allows you to store more needs to be considered.

You can find a different android mobile phone that supports different android versions. More functions are available in the latest android version. Hence, if you are looking for more features, you may opt for the latest one. Another main factor you need to look for while shopping is its price. The price determines the quality and the features it packs. If you are looking for nothing less than the latest and the most sophisticated device, you may have to prepare the mindset to spend more. However, some companies such as Intex mobiles have the most competitive prices for the latest specifications. It is comparatively quite affordable with advanced features.

If you are a bit clumsy while handling or your gadget often slips through your hand, it is a smart move to pick a fall-proof and waterproof device so that you can put the worry aside and enjoy the company of the technology. As they say, prevention is better that cure in terms of health, we can say purchasing a durable one is better than worrying about it or repairing it in terms of these gadgets.

Besides that, if you are a gamer or if you like watching movies on it, you can go for the one with a bigger screen up to 6”. The Bigger screen provides a better view and better entertainment. Nevertheless, if you do not like a big screen and find it bulky, you can opt for the screen of 4” to 5”.

Make a smart and wise choice as it is an investment and you may have to stick to it for a while.


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