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Intex Smartphones: technology within everyone’s reach

As the world is getting smaller and the technology progressive, communication has become easier and affordable. The major development in communication technology is the evolution of mobiles into smartphones. The advanced technology has successfully reached a major portion of the world population and dared us to dream bigger and work towards bigger possibilities, thereby pushing the limits. People are always looking for more and more advanced features and functions to make their life easier and more entertaining.

Keeping this in mind, Intex Technologies Ltd, a renowned brand in the mobile handsets, consumer durables and IT accessories market and the choice of many Nepalese people, has been producing exceptional products to match the growing expectation of the consumers. A pioneer in technology, it has commenced its production of mobile handsets in 2007 under its flagship brand “INTEX” and people loved it. It has never looked back since then. This company produces pocket PC designed according to the preference of changing needs of people. Each one of its new models is getting better than the last one as it is evolving its product as per the demand of the changing technology and preference of people of the new generation.

This new generation is a fanatic for technology and wants everything quick and easy. Understanding this need, the company has loaded new Intex phones with latest processors that help the device to run at a super fast speed and has latest android. Not only is its speed applaud able, its style is also worth mentioning. The phone models are trendy and handy. In addition, the company has made them available in several interesting and mesmerizing colors.

The other strategic reason for its popularity and for being considered among the best and most preferred is its affordability. It provides best budget smartphones that people look for, that is an elegant looking handy device at the most competitive of rates. It gives a tough competition to other brands mainly in terms of the price and specification it provides. It is difficult to find an advanced phone that fits everyone’s budget. In that low-priced rate, it also has an unmatchable camera in every model. It allows you to take magnificent pictures and save the memories for the future.

The brand comfortably makes it among the top 10 mobile phones in the Nepalese market when the customer is looking for the latest model at a reasonable price. The easy availability of its product is also a reason for the brand’s popularity. With more than 35+ models to choose from, it is also one of the fastest growing mobile phone companies.

However, the company’s line of products is not limited to phones. Other quality products that the company produces is smart wearable wristband named as ‘FitRist’ that is a smart band that seamlessly connects with the smartphone and provides easy access to the device as well as various other features related to the health and fitness of the wearer. It supports both Android and iOS. They are also a master in manufacturing LED TVs that are available in both HD and full HD.


Delighting your television time: Intex LED TVs

Having already established a firm ground in the market of handsets, the innovative electronics company is now gradually making a successful presence in the market of televisions, defying all odds and stiff competition from longstanding brands.

Intex has fruitfully done so by offering high spec television sets at quite affordable prices. Currently, the company has introduced only five sets which look very promising and has been acknowledged by the customers as a positive addition in the market of televisions. The products which the company has to offer can be divided into two basic categories based on the screen resolution of the set’s display which come in HD and full HD. Needless to say, the company offers only LED TV which is the most prominent sets in its respective market which not only offers great picture quality, but is also popular for its low power consumption in comparison to the conventional sets.

The large screen size which they offer provide an immersive feeling and increased quality in experience while viewing the big screen. The EYE SAFE T matrix is uniquely equipped to eliminate lag which provides faster response time of 5 millisecond. The power consumption on an average is below 36 W which is considerably low in comparison with other sets. The quality of the products is also of high standard given that the hardware being used is of excellent quality. The LED TV has a high viewing angle which is essential in group viewing in a living room. The feature allows the individuals to see pictures and videos unaltered and without disruption. Be it a family movie time or catching the live telecast of favorite matches with friends, the television can be of great usability. Watching a television with low viewing angles can be a pain, especially to the viewer seated in the extreme angle. Distorted and misrepresented colors of images and videos while viewing makes viewing experience in a group difficult and inapplicable.

The color representation in the sets from the company is very accurate with options to change the settings of the picture definition as per the user’s likings. The LED TV offering full HD helps create detailed and sharper image which simulates real life picture quality and image representation. Despite being a slight downscale product, the LED TV offering HD is not far from better as the picture quality is sharp and decent which helps simulate similar representation of picture and images but not as sharp and detailed as the full HD.

The audio output is also pleasant enough but could need external support in case of large rooms. However, the audio setup within the sets is audible and of superb quality offering ear friendly scale of decibels. The speakers in the set is located at the bottom which ergonomically is apt and does not take up much space in the room. Like the normal sets, they have the provision to be mounted on the walls or can even be placed upon a stand. The televisions which the company offers are beautiful and promising to take on the competitors in the market without breaking a sweat.


LED TV full HD